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Railroad was a neighbourhood restaurant in Hackney from 2010-2015. It occupied a street corner for a brief time in Morning Lane’s history, before the area became the fashion hub that it is now. Instead of letting it perish in the graveyard of untold stories, the restaurant has been preserved forever in this book. Don’t worry if you never made it there, you can call upon the Railroad spirits by cooking the recipes.

This book is about restaurant food for a home kitchen. A selection from five years of weekly changing menus including milk buns, wada, pilaf, flatbreads, Linzertorte, pickles, bar-b-que, green rice, fattoush, bánh mì and more. It’s also a story of two young people jumping in the deep end, and of low-key but incredibly loud basement shows. Take a piece of Hackney history home to your kitchen, and stain the pages with your new favourite dishes.